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A rich heritage and tasty culture.

So you've been to Cancun, or Tijuana. That's fine, but next time try Mexico – the real one, found only when you get away from the slummy border towns and touristy beach resorts. A single trip can hardly do the country justice – it has mountains, beaches, desert canyons, jungles, laid-back hacienda towns, pyramids. Easy to love (and hate), Mexico City is the nonstop capital, with Spanish plazas built over Aztec pyramids and leafy bohemian hoods like Coyoacán, where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera lived. The second city, Guadalajara (seven hours north), is the lively home of tequila and the mariachi. The area in between is filled with lovely colonial-era "silver towns" like Guanajuato, gringo-burg San Miguel de Allende, and Pátzcuaro (mesmerizing during the all-night cemetery festival at the Day of the Dead). Southwest of Mexico City, artsy Oaxaca City is a colonial wonder amidst valleys and pre-Hispanic towns, where dishes come soaked in the chocolate mole sauce. Over on the Caribbean, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen are better than Cancun, but they get cruise-ship visitors too; farther south are the beachside Mayan ruins at quieter Tulum, while inland you can climb the famous Mayan pyramids at Chichen Itza and take in street-music fairs every weekend in gorgeous Mérida. Dangling south of California, Baja gets many visitors to the jock-ridden bar scene of Cabo, but the Sea of Cortez – especially near quiet La Paz – is more tranquil.

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  • Hola Señor y señora, Soy la Sra. marie Antoinette soy una la Francia estoy en busca de préstamo de dinero por varios meses estuve 6 veces víctimas de estafa con ser prestamistas que tienen me arruinen, j intentar suicidarse a causa de ellos. Porque tenía deudas y cuentas a pagar. Pensé que era más para mí que n tengo más el significado de la vida. Pero afortunadamente he visto testimonio hecho por muchas personas el Señor Carlos contactar, así que contacté con él para obtener mi préstamo para pagar mis deudas y llevar a cabo mi proyecto. C es con el Señor Carlos que la vida, mi sonrisa es otra vez un NCM que tiene corazón fácil y muy completa. Te próximos prestamistas en África a tope porque hay prestamistas de hecho personales serio Si usted necesita financiación; de los préstamos de dinero o cualquier proyecto ello señora le ayudará a darse él y apoyará financieramente
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  • I visited Mexico in May, and had such a great time! I stayed with a local host in Mexico City, in an apartment booked on roomorama, and he was generous in showing me around, to places like Chapultepec, Frida Kahlo's house, etc, and taking me to eat delicious tacos.Everyone always says Mexico is super dangerous and avoids visiting. But it was safe (I didn't get robbed or anything), and I would highly recommend going!
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  • Seguramente sabeis que para recorrer el Mundo Maya, la forma mas fácil, fuera de un tour privado, es en Autibus regular. ADO cubre todo el Sureste de México, conectando todas las poblaciones con muchas salidas diarias, llevandote a zonas arqueologicas como Calakmul, donde no llegan los tours normales. Ahora ya se pueden reservar estos autobuses desde Europa. Buscadlo como Maya PassMaybe you know that the best way to visit the Mayan World in Mexico is by bus using ADO services. They have all the area covered with a very good service. They can take you also to some areas as Calakmul in Campeche. Now you can book online their services. Check the Maya Pass
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  • A magic place
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  • TOP
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  • Ci andrò tra un po' di mesi
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  • Guadalajara, Jalisco/ Huatulco, Oaxaca/The food, the music, the people. Stupid travel advisory....
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  • the best countrie i have ever gone and i live in the usa but going to the university og guadalajara
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  • very very good nice
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