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Not everyone has the privilege of calling a massive expanse of as many as 18,000 islands stretched along the equator "home," but for Indonesians, the world's largest archipelago is a mysterious backyard spread out along the equator containing a tropical snow-capped mountain, komodo dragons, and even a 12-inch miniature deer. As a practical matter, it's really the five largest islands, Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Papua -- names familiar to coffee drinkers everywhere -- and thirty smaller archipelagoes that see the most action. The country's beaches top the lists of dream locations for surfers and divers around the world. But landlubbers won't feel left out, as there are enough active volcanoes to occupy a lifetime's worth of trekking. Ebullient festivals abound the whole year, providing excellent opportunities to observe Indonesia's famous traditional art forms like puppetry, music, and dance as well as less familiar ones, like ram fighting. Situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the country has many hazards, both natural and man-made, which continue to earn the attention of the press and demand a note of caution. Still, a visit to Indonesia's beautiful temples, diverse ethnic groups, and the endless opportunities for spa treatments will quickly put your worries to rest.

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  • i was there in november 2013 and i loved it. people are really friendly. i booked all hotels and national flights at
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  • LAnd der 17.000 Inseln
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  • I would like to infrom you all who is traveling to the Gili islands, Bali and Lombok that there have occured great many deaths from methanol poisoning from dinking drinks/cocktails such as Mojito and buyning spirits in minimarts. Visit our page to get more infromation at our Facebook page: our homepage yourself, warn others. Save lives!
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  • >>> just four days !!!
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  • I was there last August 2009. It's... Unbelievable! In Sulawesi you can find ancestral burial traditions, caves where you can see the bones of the deads which are regularly visited by their families, or oxes and pigs which are sacrified at these burials, and where you can be present! In Java you'll be able to visit Prambanan and Borobudur, two mytical temples, each one representative of a different religion, both built with thousand of volcanic stones and belonging to UNESCO. In Java you also can see the sunrise at Mount Bromo, a spectacular view for your eyes, and after that you can ride a horse (if you want) to arrive to the top of the Mount. In Bali you'll find some nice temples, though in my opinion, Bali is too touristic, but you can benefit from an adventurous rafting in Ubud! But if you really want to go to the Paradise, you'd better go to Flores. It's like a hiden paradise: There you can do many things: You can visit the famous Komodo Dragon, a lake in 3 beautiful colors, a cave with an ancient fish and a turtle stone, snorkelling in pink sand beaches (it's cathegorised as one of the best places in the world to do snorkelling and diving because of the huge amount of corals and tropical fishes)... Please write to me in case you need further info or even GUIDES, I have some good contacts!
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