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Central America

Diverse and lively cultures dance on this land-bridge between North and South America.

A skinny bridge dividing oceans and connecting far larger Americas, beach-lined and volcano-dotted Central America is the "new" great destination for activities and fun in Latin America. Many trips start with Costa Rica's upscale eco-lodges or Guatemala's Mayan ruins (despite the hype, Tikal still feels lost in the jungle) and highlands towns with moonshine-drinking saints. The Caribbean side of the region boasts white-sand shores and the English-speaking cultures of Belize, the Bay Islands (Honduras) and the Corn Islands (Nicaragua) - great places for cheap dives with sharks and stingrays. The best surfing is over on the rougher Pacific side - particularly Costa Rica's Peninsula de Nicoya, the "surf villages" in El Salvador's La Libertad, and the breaks near Leon, Nicaragua. Colonial towns like Grenada (Nicaragua) or Antigua (Guatemala) make great kick-back spots with hacienda-style B&Bs, traditional handicrafts, and local coffee brews to sip. Meanwhile, national parks and the untamed jungle - most notably the Darien Gap (Panama)_and the Mosquito Coast (Honduras) - make for untamed adventures. Buses zip from country to country, but if you hope to make any sense of the region, slow down. It's the Central American way.

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  • Arenal Volcano

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    in Costa Rica

    Arenal Volcano (Spanish: Volcán Arenal) is a dormant andesitic stratovolcano in north-western Cos...

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  • quiero saber si alguien a cruzado de cartagena a colon panama, necesito cruzar mi moto y no se muy bien cual es el medio, gracias
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  • Most beautiful beaches I ever seen......... must visit places!!!
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Hey, ho, let's go - now!
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • I recently returned to the US from my year-long driving expedition from Durham, North Carolina, to Buenos Aires, Argentina in a modified Toyota 4Runner. For any of you who are looking to travel through Central and South America in your own vehicle, check out my site at, which has hundreds of articles, a traveler’s forum, video guides, and an extensive photo library. I have just published a book, The Essential Guide to Driving North, Central and South America, which is also available through the site. Driving and camping throughout Central and South America is an incredible experience. If there are any questions I can answer about vehicle modifications, trip preparations, or particular country questions that are not specified on Ramble Writer, feel free to contact me. -- Rochelle
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  • He estado recientemente en nicaragua y pues es un pais que me ha encantado y que llevare en el corazon y tambien a los chicos de quetuanistours que me han enseñado su pais.
    about a decade ago report abuse
  • Allez au Panama, vous ne le regretterez pas. Pays fabuleux.
    about a decade ago report abuse
  • US is a wonderful place to enjoy adventurous activities. I my coming vacations am planning to visit Uta and Wasatch Range. There I would like to enjoy most of the adventurous activities like, Backcountry Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, etc. last year I visited this place and enjoyed a lot. It’s wonderful. You can enjoy the picturesque views over here:
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